My obsession with Formula 1 and a whole history lesson

My obsession with Formula 1 and a whole history lesson

Still loving my Formula 1 racing. I think I’ve watched every documentary I could get on Netflix, Amazon and Hulu. I haven’t even started on the docs on F1tv because I wanted to learn about F1 history before I started on each individual legend. Wow these men driving in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s were truly insane and so were the accidents. Thankfully drivers like Niki Lauda and Jackie Stewart started pushing for some safety reforms on these tracks. It’s one thing to have an exciting, heart pounding sport, it’s another thing for people to die from it. However, it is a very exciting sport.

Although I can understand why some people have lost their excitement over the last 6 years. Mercedes just dominated the sport. It is kind of boring when the same cars are on the podium every race. I mean really since 2014-2019 every championship was won by Lewis Hamilton driving Mercedes except 2016 when Nico Rosenberg did his teammate. The race was about 3-10th position and wasn’t as fun. I can’t say I would have disagreed with all the diehard F1 fans out there. I’d be starting to get annoyed myself. Especially being a fan of the Ferrari cars. I’d even like the Red Bull but I’m not such a Verstappen fan.

It is just time to level the playing field. It reminds me so much of baseball and the vast differences in payroll between a team like the Yankees and the Oakland A’s. There was a movie made about that, remember Moneyball. It’s the same idea. Mercedes has deeper pockets to put into their race car and it makes a big difference. The race is unfair from the start. That was supposed to change in the 2021 season with yearly financial caps. It’s a long list of things but the main aim is to even the playing field.

For me I’m a new fan absorbing it all. My favorite driver, Fernando Alonso, retired at the end of 2018. I’ve become partial to Charles Leclerc who is signed with Ferrari until 2024. He is young and fearless and does amazing things in that car. It’s fun to watch. Ok well I’ve gone so off on my little world of obsession here, I think it’s time for me to stop. The 2020 season will hopefully be starting by July running 15-18 races for this season after the world is unpaused from the coronavirus…..vroom vroom.

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