Sometimes you have to laugh

Sometimes you have to laugh

Well sometimes my MS issues lead to funny outcomes. I got my mom to bake Mandel Bread. These are cookies very similar to biscottis. It is one of those recipes passed down through the family for a long time. It use to be so hard to get the dough mixed so we never made them often. Then mom got this great mixer and she can make them in record time. After she cleaned every closet and draw in the house she started baking.

She spent half the day baking this cake. Then I told her she needed to make Mandel Bread. She forgot about them.

She made a batch and sent some home with my daughter. I was pretty excited for them, had been a while since she made them. They weren’t as good as she usually makes them but sometimes she needs some practice getting Mandels right again. Didn’t matter it was still good even when it wasn’t perfect. They just are that’s home holiday family reminder.

Well yesterday I brought over the Tupperware that held my precious cookies next to me. As I was reaching in to grab my 2nd or 3rd cookie, I dropped the container due to tired hands. Thank you MS. Mandels went tumbling. Puppies went at top speed. ?. Man they are fast vacuums when food is involved. After the cookie carnage, Zoey tried to retrieve the crumbs from the bottom of the container.

She got her head so far in there was a suction POP when she finally let me grab her to get the container off.

No more Mandels. Luckily there were only maybe 5 left so I got to eat most of them. I’m sure my mom will make more. It was so funny seeing my puppy with this on her head I couldn’t even be mad. I love my little vacuums. They even cleaned up most of the cookie crumbs they made around me.

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