Learning by being the teacher

Learning by being the teacher

With so many parents being the teachers now, I think many parents are forced to learn again. Learning math, English, science and social studies but most of all learning how hard it is to be a teacher. Many parents will have a new found appreciation for the people that teach their children when schools reopen, as they should. I’ve listen to my aid spend hours helping her son with his work. A sweet kid but he’s 7 and is easily distracted and difficult to teach. My aid speakers English very well but it isn’t her first language and even some of the English exercises are confusing for her. His homework takes them hours and hours some days. I have found a new respect for her listening to her teach her son over the last few weeks.

My daughter is in college. I am not so involved with her school work as I once was. That isn’t saying I haven’t helped write a paper here or there but I’m not teaching her anything relating to her school. I’ve been teaching her on her spiritual path. She’s been trying to become more positive and change how she views things over the past 6 weeks. I must say when she first came hone from school the girl that came home was a far cry from my sweet daughter. She was so busy enjoying her freedom she went way to far.

At first when she got home she fought against being here. We weren’t getting along, which is very unusual for the two of us. Then a boy broke it off with her and everything that I said about the situation was correct. She needed her mom and needed a change. She did a lot of things on her own, reading, meditating and videos. She was determined. She was asking me questions everyday about how, why, what and who. Before I knew it my daughter was back and our relationship was as good as always.

Then I realized something even more amazing. In helping her, she was helping me. I was learning again too. She’d call me out when I wasn’t being the most positive person but more than that she was bringing my own awareness back to the surface. She started to get me more in-line with the universe again and seeing signs that I personally probably was missing. She got me to remember the importance of my own thoughts that I became a little lax with. Teaching her started teaching me. In reality it’s no different than all the parents teaching their children today. Open yourself up to learn. There are very valuable lessons by being the teacher and right now we all have this golden opportunity.

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