I really need to get a license to drive my wheelchair

I really need to get a license to drive my wheelchair

It really isn’t ALL my fault. You see these are the tires of my wheelchair

Those big ones up front give the wheelchair the power but the tiny ones in the back give the direction. I can’t see them and if they are pointed one way and I hit the directional another way, that doesn’t mean I’m going the way I want to go. I’m going the way those tires in the back are pointing first. They steer the wheelchair. It is easy to get caught up on something because you misjudged those back wheels. That being said….I’ve had a few more bumps this weekend.

So much for the corner protector.

Another whole in the closet door.

It now matches the one I made on the inside. I think it’s safe to say I have to replace this door eventually. Maybe when I get my new wheelchair. Hopefully I will bang into less things. The new one has middle wheel steering. Until then.,.

I’m getting really good with a putty knife.

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