Water view

Water view

I got my windows open. The sun is shining. It’s supposed to be almost 70° in New York today. The water is still so there’s no wind. I hear couple of birds chirping. I hear the seagulls which lets me know I’m by water. I know I’ll see boats today. I am just loving it. I don’t even mind seeing the bulldozer at the corner lot in my field of vision. It’s crystal clear out.

I mean really, how can you complain with a view like this. I’m not even getting up to take this picture. This is actually from me sitting in my living room. I’m just turning my head and this is what I see. Plus I’m only showing you half of my view. there’s another side to my window. That just doesn’t come out good in the pictures because I have a sliding glass door in the way.

It just makes me so happy being here. I have so many blogs stating this exact sentence but I can’t help it. This is what I love. I just love to look at the water. This is such a credit to my dad. Between growing up on boats when I was younger and his love of the water thankfully he passed it on. when I visit him in Florida, he also has an amazing view that I can get lost in, that I actually have gotten lost in and I’ve taken many pictures. This is my favorite spot at his house. Listening to the pool filter watching the water in the lake. It’s so peaceful I can imagine being there just from the picture.

My sister actually has a wonderful spot as well. She also has a man-made lake in her backyard. I love to just sit and stare out her backyard.Her lake is set further back past those two bushes. Just another one of the most peaceful places i know.

On a sidenote, my real favorite place at my sisters house is in front of the fireplace. Again a tribute to my dad because it was his houses that had the fireplace when I was growing up. There is something about a real fire crackling and moving that to me can be hypnotizing. My sister is the only one with the fireplace now. Going up to my sisters in winter, being in front of that fireplace, it is one of my favorite spots in the world. ❤️❤️

I write about the water so much because I’m still amazed that I live here. That I could just turn my head and see the water it’s like a dream come true. One day they will build up on that corner that will block my view and I’ll have to go actually onto my balcony to see water. I’ll never not have a view, I’ll just have to move to see it from the living room. But I have a plan for that as well. I’m going to take my comfy chair that I’m sitting in now and move it out to the balcony where I’ll be able to see both the TV and my water just from a different angle. I’ll buy a different chair for the living room. No big deal. My balcony is enclosed and on the colder months, I have a heater. it’s all good. It is worth it all for my view.

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