Which do you pick?

Which do you pick?

My new puppy addition will be here in 5 days. We are very excited. Zoey is too. Every time you say her friend is coming she tilts her head and stops what she’s doing. It’s very funny. I’m trying to get a trainer lined up. Let’s be real, when Zoey was a puppy, I was still using my walker most of the time. Now I’m in a wheelchair most of the time. Training a puppy will be challenging. I will need help with house training as well as the basic commands. Minx, the new puppy, will be small but that doesn’t mean I don’t need him well behaved.

So here is my dilemma. I’ve talked to a few trainers and I picked out one. He has a lot of experience. He understood my handicap and what I needed to accomplish with both Minx but he would include Zoey as well. Zoey doesn’t have behavior issues but she has picked up jumping on people to greet them from my Marshy. She also is sneaky and might do bad things if your not looking like eat a box of tissues or the garbage or her pool ?. She could definitely use a little help. This trainer had a lot of experience and I liked how he viewed dog training but he was a little expensive. I was honest and explained my financial circumstance being disabled. I am hoping that there is a middle ground that we can work out.

Then there is another women. Simple, sweet and just loves dogs. She doesn’t have as much experience but trains in the basic lure and reward. Very positive based. She is inexpensive. I don’t need either dog to be fetching my drink from the refrigerator. I just need help in the basic training and house training. Which one do you pick?

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  1. I’m in the same financial boat and went through the new puppy ordeal in my wheelchair. It wasn’t easy, especially in the winter, but I got her going outside to the potty, she sits, lays down and comes. Australian Shepard, smartest dog I’ve ever had. No way I could afford a trainer and none where I live. I’d give the less expensive lady a try

    1. You have now made it even on both sides. Part of me thinks the inexpensive person because I don’t need much but I have some concerns when I discussed my other dog in the house.

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