Maybe a little leg improvement

Maybe a little leg improvement

I did an update on my phone this morning and my WordPress app has been running very slow. Plus I’ve been experiencing some glitches. I’ve now turned off my phone twice and rebooted the app for the second time. All to write a blog that I had nothing to say.

I was off to a late start this morning. It’s 11:00 and I just completed exercising. I did two different chair programs. One for core and one with weights. I did topple over during one of the exercises, the sit to stand. I purposely did first while I was strongest. My aid was there and I was up in a flash. Hate those sit to stand exercises, always my nemesis. Yet I successfully finished not only the remaining sit to stand exercises but the video, as if that was an option. I do have to say I noticed a small improvement. I was able to do the leg extensions and knee lifts without having to hold my leg. NO, my leg wasn’t high, it barely was off the floor but I was doing it. I think my legXercise machine might be making a little difference. It could be the day and just that my leg was in better shape today but I’m hopeful. I’ve been diligent in using it every day.

Other than that, I’m in my chair loving my view. Wishing everyone a very nice weekend.

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