Starstruck moments

Starstruck moments

Minx has been chewing on one of my large U2 books. Originally slightly gnawed on by Zoey, it was far from a collectible item. I’m sure I could even find the book on eBay or something if I wanted to replace it, but I don’t. This morning he did successfully rip off the paper cover, which now I have to toss. When I grabbed the book out fell copies of my picture with Bono. I have no idea when I did those pictures. I guess I was going to frame them at some point. It was just so strange because my little sister and I were just talking about this the other day.

I met Bono during the promotion of the Vertigo tour which was back in 2001. I know it was my birthday that weekend, that I can tell you, because all I said is it’s my birthday I want to get his autograph.  My little sister and I were actually discussing my older sister. She does kids music and movement. She is pretty big in her world and these kids love her. She’s on YouTube and she does live shows, and sometimes when these kids meet her they are extremely starstruck. It is actually the cutest thing. They get shy they hide behind their mom’s back. The reason we were talking about it was because my little sister has two kids that are very much in my sister’s wheelhouse of age level music. But instead of embracing my older sister they shy away. Yet when they were out and about and they saw someone of a equivalent status on the West Coast, where she lives, they were fine. This was the entire conversation we were having the other day and I happen to mention the picture of me and Bono.

The girl that took the picture, was a very good friend of mine for a very long time. Unfortunately we had a falling out partially due to my pent-up anger over 25 years of friendship and partially do with me picking a boy, needless to say she’s not a friend anymore. However, she was my partner in crime for many many years when it came to going to your to concerts Depeche Mode Duran Duran and especially U2. We used to do crazy things and this was the first picture we ever got with the band after 15 years of trying. For all the crazy things we did though, she got starstruck. And that was the whole point of our conversation. My head was on Bono for a good awkward couple of seconds before I could snap her out of it to take the picture. I actually used to joke about it for years because I actually had to stand there and say take the picture, take the picture,take the picture before she realized she had to take the picture. Understand she has met a ton of famous people over the years with and without me including her other love Simon LeBon, but she was starstruck in that moment with Bono.

How crazy that we were just talking about this event three or four days ago and all these pictures fall out of a book I’ve had for ages. Strange.

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