Not your normal broken refrigerator story

Not your normal broken refrigerator story

Saturday night, I was going to heat up something for dinner. I opened the refrigerator door from my wheelchair. The door swung open as it normally does. Then it FELL OFF!!! CRASHED, more like it, into the counter next to me. Thankfully I was an inch or two behind the door and thankfully my kitchen is rather small. Unfortunately, like most refrigerator doors, all my bottles and jars were stocked on the various shelves attached to this door. When the door crashed, so did all the contents that my door held.

I immediately noticed the broken glass jar of tomato sauce. Then of course came the two four legged inspection agents. That became my first instinct, get them away. So I did and put the gate up. I didn’t know what to do after that. My refrigerator door was off the refrigerator. There was broken glass and bottles all over the floor. Forgetting even the mess, how do o pick up the door and get it back? Would it even go on again? It was 6pm on a Saturday night, what the hell do I do? To make it just more stressful, when a door is open on my refrigerator or freezer to long, it beeps. So now on top of all of this chaos my refrigerator is beeping every 30 seconds.

I called my building maintenance live in guy. I knew he probably didn’t officially work the weekends, but I begged for help. I even sent a text. Everyone knows I’m handicap. Not only did he not answer, but he has an iPhone like me and it shows when a message is read. He read my text begging for help, explaining what happened, and couldn’t write back anything. Even if you aren’t working, at least acknowledge me and say I’m off, away, busy etc. something. I and my mom and stepdad, who pay the maintenance and thus his salary, were very unhappy.

When he didn’t respond, my mom and step dad came because I couldn’t leave things in the shape they were. Keep in mind it is now 30 minutes later and I have had this refrigerator beeping every 30 seconds. My nerves were frayed. They took all the bottles off the door, cleaned the floor of glass and somehow managed to get the door to stay on the refrigerator. You just couldn’t open again because you’d be once again holding a detached door. The bottom hinge broke and without that piece the door wasn’t staying in. I had no refrigerator , Now what?

My brother in law and sister are on the island due to a sad family issue of their own. Yet he came over to see if he could help. First thing he did was turn the door over and pull out the broken piece. Hoping we could find a replacement. Then he did a genius move and used a battery, felt furniture pads and duct tape and made a bottom hinge for the refrigerator door. I can now carefully open the refrigerator if I need too. We found the part and placed the order. Hopefully, this will be the only part needed. Considering we all thought I was going to need a new refrigerator, this was truly amazing. I use to be handy too until I couldn’t do anything anymore. Thankfully my brother is a rockstar. You can’t make these stories up.

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