Just a Friday morning blog post

Just a Friday morning blog post

Do puppies have a terrible two? If they’re seven years to our one year, does that mean around three months that’s where these terrible two’s would start? Minxs was a pain in the ass yesterday. My daughter had a friend over, the dogs were super excited. As we were making our way to bedtime, they both got all riled up. Eventually Zoey settle down, Minx did not. I tried everything to calm him down, it wasn’t happening. I finally had to put him in his crate. First time in a week or more. Considering he’s only been with us a little over 5 weeks that’s saying something. I got the expected crying and he finally fell asleep around 10:30. Considering I went into my room around 9:15, I was a little cranky.

I was up early today. I’m writing my blog before my workout. I’m staring at the stillness of the water which I love so much. It is not the nicest day out but it still brings me the serenity I cherish. It has been a strange morning because my daughter was up. She has a dentist appointment this morning. I haven’t had a conversation with her in days. She has been working a lot and going out a lot. She’s 21 now and spending a lot of money at various bars in our local town. Remember those days? I remember when I turned 21. I was drinking and getting into bars for so many years before my actual legal age that when it was official it wasn’t that big of a deal. It wasn’t hard back then to use someone else’s Id or make a fake date on your own. A pencil and whiteout. Lol. Makes me laugh thinking about how different things were.

My aid just got here and I wanted for her to workout. I make her do them with me. She doesn’t put in a full effort but she does move a little which is more than she ever did before she met me. I like that I have had a positive influence on her. I’m off to do chair cardio followed by the MS gym workout for the day. Happy Friday to all. ?

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