Fatigue, workouts, the MS gym and stuff

Fatigue, workouts, the MS gym and stuff

Good morning to all. I just sat down from my morning exercise. My body certainly feels it but my heart rate didn’t reflex the same results. I have not taken one day off since I started the MS gym program. I just changed my workouts and incorporated the gym too. The last time I didn’t close my exercise circle (the green circle) was back on June 25th. When I complete this week, I will have completed the program I signed up for with The MS Gym. I will then join as a full member. I need to take a day off from exercising. The body needs rest from any workout training, especially one with MS. I’m probably becoming anti productive to a degree. I had a goal and I’m proud of myself for hitting that goal. The MS gym I think is amazing. I’ve said that before. I highly recommend anyone with MS to check it out. I actually recommend anyone with a neurological disability to check it out. http://www.themsgym.com/

I have been totally fizzling out again. Fatigue has taken up residence once again. Ever since we had that heat wave last weekend, I’ve been run down. I just have yet to bounce back. I’ve dealt with MS for 22 years, I have had all kinds of fatigue that have come and gone over the years. I find that in the more recent years, fatigue gets harder and harder for me to battle. I usually end up with a prescription change or increase to off set symptom. https://multipleexperiences.org/2019/06/27/fatigue-is-never-easy/ I have so many posts on fatigue it is a very big symptom for me but it comes and goes. I don’t feel like this all the time. I just hate that it seems lately that to alleviate fatigue when it gets bad means more meds. Like with all of my symptoms fatigue seems to progress or breakthrough my current treatment. Once I hit a new episode, it usually doesn’t dissipate on its own.

The temperature in NY has been back into more normal ranges but fatigue hasn’t subsided. I don’t think it has anything to do with the steady workout schedule I have kept. However, you never know. Minx, my puppy, is sleeping through the night in my bed. He is doing great. I’m not lacking sleep. My Zoey is getting along wonderfully with him. Things at home are good. I got Marshmellow’s pictures up on my wall in my room. I don’t love 2 tiles so i purchased a few more to replace them. I will wait a little longer before doing anything regarding the fatigue. For now just taking Hingis one day at a time.

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  1. Great pictures I”ll have to check into the tiles. Fatigue and Cognitive are my biggest issues and its so much worse in July and Aug. If money was no object I would spent those months on the Oregon Coast.

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