Having issues with my new wheelchair

Having issues with my new wheelchair

There are so many good things about this wheelchair but unfortunately there are a few bad things. I have been consistently in the new wheelchair now for a couple of weeks. I waited to use it for a couple of weeks after I got it. Between breaking the mirror and Minx being so tiny, I couldn’t do learning a new wheelchair and avoiding him at the same time.New and old. In using the chair I realized some major issues.

The major thing is the chair seat is higher up. I have to constantly sit and push myself up and back to get into the seat. So I’m using my legs to push up and my hands to push back every time I’m getting in to the seat. At first it wasn’t an issue. As the day goes on, especially with the heat outside, my body gets more and more tired. By the end of the day, this starts becoming an exhausting task. I don’t sit in the chair 24/7. I sit in my comfy chair. Each time I need to use the bathroom I have to make the transfer to the wheelchair, this could be frequent on some days. It is too difficult.

I wrote to my OT therapist who provided me with the chair and I am seeing them on Tuesday. I can’t be the only short person in a chair like this. It needs to be lower when it is in its lowest position, which it is not. Also, the seat cover is slippery. You’d think that would help me move back, it doesn’t. It has helped me slide off.

The other thing I was actually surprised about was I can’t sit in this chair for an extended period of time either. I was once again completely wiped out after I had dinner out and sat in the chair for two hours. When I came home the transfer back to my comfy chair was just as difficult as when I’d transfer from my Hooveround. That was surprising since I could adjust this seat back so much.

I know my recent encounters with the floor have been due to the height of the seat. I’m hoping that there is a way to lower the whole chair down. For now I went back to my Hooveround. I can’t risk the falls.

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