Fatigue is never easy

Fatigue is never easy

The heat, the heat is here and it is not making life an easier. I played mahjong and I could barely hold myself upright by the end of the game and I was in AC. The heat finds it way into your bones and still manages to fatigue you regardless of where you are. I came home and collapsed. I was in bed by 9 and slept through the night until 4. I’m exhausted still. I sleep I’m exhausted, I wake up I’m exhausted.

I just am tired all the time. It is a horrible feeling. I push myself to accomplish anything. I’m determined to go down to my gym today. I’ll get there but that is more mind determination than my bodies willingness to cooperate. I will do my exercises and collapse when I come back upstairs. I’ve been avoiding taking anything for fatigue but I’m seeing my doctor again in a week. I’m wondering if I should go back on something. I took provigil for many years. I stopped when I stopped working and had the opportunity to nap in the afternoon. I don’t want to spend a day napping. However these drugs might help keep me awake but they don’t necessarily help you feel awake. That was my issue with them. I still felt tired I just couldn’t sleep. I don’t know what the right thing to do will be. Right now I’m using all my energy and mind control to go downstairs to my gym. Wish me luck.

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