Falling again all week

Falling again all week

I’ve been really good lately. Especially since I switched to my wheelchair outside my condo. I went from falling almost daily to a couple of times in a month. That’s a big difference. It goes to show you how much the walking was really causing me to just exhausted myself. Yes I needed the van to make my life easier but I also needed to admit to myself the time has come and I really couldn’t walk anymore.

It was going great until this week when I fell four times already. Twice in my room and twice in the bathroom. I wasn’t hurt any time but I don’t fall in anyway that I could prevent something being hurt. I don’t have any control over my body on the way down. Many times I seem to do this backwards flip so as I’m falling forward I land on my back. Not great when your head hits the tile of the bathroom floor. Although the alternative for me would probably be my face hitting the tile of the bathroom floor. My hands don’t ever get in the right position to brace myself. I’ve been so lucky with my falling that I never broke anything but it only takes one time for luck to run out.

Maybe the answer is that I should be in the wheelchair in my home too. I just like to be on my feet a little. These falls aren’t happening when I’m tired they just happen from wrong foot placement or wrong hand placement on a wall. When I am tired I will use the wheelchair. Maybe this week was a fluke. Maybe it’s the heat getting to me. Maybe I need to accept my reality and move on. I don’t know yet. I just don’t want my luck to run out first.

4 thoughts on “Falling again all week

  1. take your time,go slow and make sure your support hand is secure and walk slow,if i rush a fall is waiting.i rarely fall when i calculate the journey.

  2. Falling sucks! I know first had how that feels and how scary it is. I am so sorry. Please don’t give up on Standing and moving. Are you using a walker? Forearm crutches? Can you maybe go to PT? It is a daily struggle for me, but I refuse to give up. With God by my side I know anything is possible.

    1. Yes I have a walker do Pt have an aid. I am not giving in. It’s not in my nature. I’m unfortunately use to this sh@t. I still power on. Thank you so much. Hearing support always helps.

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