My big comfy chair

My big comfy chair

The aftermath of the tropical storm that hit the other day continues. My mom and stepdad have slept over at my house the last two nights. I’ve given them my bedroom and I slept on my comfy chair. I slept quite well both nights I should add. Zoey and Minx slept with me and they seemed as comfortable as I was. I was almost too comfortable, like enough where if I was tired I could easily sleep on my chair instead of going into bed. I don’t want to become that person. Yet I slept great.

My comfy chair is actually being swapped out for another barker lounge chair. Unfortunately this past weekend my brother in-law’s mother passed away. Even though you know the end is near and the suffering will stop, it doesn’t make the passing less sad. She was a really good woman and I’d like to take the second to remember her ❤️❤️. She had the more advanced lounge chair that actually stands you up from the seated position. Something I desperately need on many occasions

I’m not sure what the chair actually looks like. I’m hoping it isn’t like the picture above and more like the picture below because where will my dogs go?

My babies are always on the chair with me. there is so much room for all of us. I can’t not have a place for them.

My brother in-law is getting the chair to me next week. I’m planning on moving my big comfy chair onto my balcony. I did the measurements and I believe it could fit through the doors if it is pivoted at the right angle. Every time I think about it it reminds me of the friends episode when they try to bring the couch up the stairs. One of my favorite episodes. When Ross says pivot pivot pivot. Either you’re laughing at that now or you have no idea what I’m talking about. I’m getting rid of the other wicker chairs I have out there and just keeping my comfy chair. After all, it’s really only me that’s goes out there. Maybe then I’ll finally start reading because I have a nice comfy Barker lounge to read outside on the balcony. However, that all depends on my thought process of how to get the chair through the doors that measurement wise does NOT fit. Therefore, it might not happen. Then I would put the chair in my room until i figured something else out.

In that case scenario, if the chair was in my room, those days that I just really couldn’t get into bed, I could just sleep in my comfy chair. It wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. I slept really good. It is an option if I need one. My big comfy chair is certainly worthy of its name. Not that my bed doesn’t rock, because that too is awesome, but i definitely love my chair. 

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