Something good about insurance

Something good about insurance

I spoke with my case manager for my insurance today. Before Covid started, I had a really wonderful case manager. Every month she’d call and check in, as per her job description, but she always made me feel like she genuinely cared. She remembered things about me not necessarily related to my medical case. Then one day she was just gone. I didn’t know if Covid was the reason for the change, if she quit or left, I just had someone new.

At first I wasn’t happy. My case manager plays a pretty big role in my overall healthcare picture. I didn’t feel cared for from the new person. Questions were always repeated, things were sent to my primary doctor instead of my neurologist, I don’t think she even understood what multiple sclerosis was. I mean writing a note to my doctor every time I fall, my doctor would get so much paperwork he wouldn’t know what to do with himself. What’s even worse it would go to my primary Doctor who has no clue about MS. Every time I see him he constantly asks me questions about my condition to gain further knowledge or something.

However, to my case manager’s credit, she actually listened to me. She’s stop repeating the same questions and actually understood that I mostly do things with my neurologist. She actually started helping in ways that my other one didn’t. Biggest thing is the pads I use too many times a day. She helped me find some thing that worked for me that will be covered by insurance. That saved me a lot of money that I was paying out-of-pocket for. I knew insurance paid for them but I never realized I would have such a range of choice. She actually made the phone call to the supplier with me on the phone until we found one that would work. Even then they actually sent me a couple of packs of different types until I liked one to use. 

She has always wanted me to have physical therapy and occupational therapy based on my falls. I have to report them every single month. since Covid I stopped going to my place where I used to do therapy twice a week. Again it was her that said you have Medicare and you are eligible for therapy in your home. All she needed was a script from my doctor and she was going to set everything up. Now I’m going to get therapy once again, in my house, that I really need.

We also discussed the issue that my aid is leaving. Right now the aid agency I use is not the greatest. They’re very difficult to get in touch with and when someone calls out it’s difficult to get coverage. As soon as I mentioned it to her, she said it’s not a problem we can get it changed immediately. It just takes one phone call. I have plenty of other agencies. It was nice knowing she was 100% backing me up in any decision I have to make.

She represents the insurance company but I feel like she still is on my side. It is a nice feeling to know someone is there trying to help make it just a little easier. In the insurance world that isn’t something you see often. I have to admit that I like my new case manager as much if not more than my previous one. It is why I’ve stayed with this plan for myself over the last few years.

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