Moments of my weekend

Moments of my weekend

This was a weekend of great ideas and completely mindless moments. I thought I’d share them all for you:

  • I pulled a muscle in my butt. In my stronger leg. I was stretching in a simple position. As soon as I pulled the leg up, I felt it. No big deal except, this is normally the favored leg to push myself up to stand with. That move is freaking painful. However, I kind of don’t have a choice. It has certainly made the last couple of days an interesting experience every time I had to stand.
  • For the second time now, Minx has gotten out the front door without us realizing. Luckily his absence is noticed quickly. He was thankfully sitting right at the door when we opened it. Just like the first time it happened, my super puppy was right there. 
  • I figured out how to use my new wheelchair to get into bed. I tried to pull up to the bed and transfer over. Higher than the bed, lower than the bed, neither worked for me. Than I thought to pull up to my step stool. From there I raised the chair and walked on the stool and got into bed. I also didn’t have to use my glutes, my injured glutes, so stand because I was already halfway standing from my wheelchair. Score!!!!
  • I have an adjustable bed that raises the head and feet up. I like to be in what’s called a zero gravity position, back and feet raised. When I get out of the bed, I lower the feet so I can get out of the bed easier. So I get in bed, hit my gravity position and then by accident hit flat. I guess after my bed was going flat with both the head and the feet, that was the time Minx decided to pull out one of the cords under the bed to stop the motor working. If I didn’t hit the flat, I would’ve been fine. Of course the plug that he knocked out is one on my side of the bed. God forbid it could be on the side that nobody uses. Now I have to wait for my daughter to come home so she can get under the bed to fix it.
  • For the third time, Minx got out. Once again I didn’t realize he snuck by me as I was shutting the door. A few minutes later I got a call from my neighbor. It seems now he went for a visit down the hall. Super puppy no more, he ran as soon as he saw another person.
  • I couldn’t hold onto anything this weekend. Let’s recall the items that I dropped. Every remote that I touched which includes the two in my bedroom. When I drop those it requires me to become a circus act to conform my body from my bed into various death defying hangs to retrieve. That’s because my hand gripper is never where I need it. I dropped two Tupperware containers, one of which broke spilling all of its contents on my floor. Thankfully I have two four legged vacuum cleaners and I didn’t have to clean it up myself. I dropped every single one of my oils as I was searching for the one oil that I actually wanted. When I got that one, I dropped it. That oil is now somewhere wedged in my baseboard far from my grasp. Thankfully I have no small children, because I certainly wouldn’t trust me holding anything.
  • There was a knock at my door, at least I thought it was my door. I open my door, it was my neighbor across the hall’s door. My door open my neighbor door open and Minx goes running. Forth time Minx gets out. Right into her apartment. She has another dog. He wouldn’t listen to me and I wasn’t anywhere near his treats. He was having a good ole time running around her place. Oye Vey. Finally got him out so embarrassing. Gratefully she’s nice neighbor.

That was a snapshot of my weekend. Outside of those moments I had a nice relaxing weekend. Hoping for an uneventful week.

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