Thank you for Minx

Thank you for Minx

I want to thank all my family and friends who helped me get Minx. It is always devastating losing a dog and the passing of my Marshmallow was exactly that. Marshmallow was my shadow for 11 years and losing him left a very big whole in my heart. Looking for puppies actually was the one thing that helped. I knew I would never find another Marshmallow , but I knew I wanted another dog.

I jumped around from breed to breed because I really wanted another English Bulldog. I found a breeder who has the miniature English bulldogs.  Unfortunately, even the males could still get large at over 50 pounds. That’s too big for a condo. Especially when I can’t walk a dog. I needed the females which usually stay around 30-35.  yet, most breeders I spoke to didn’t recommend a female and a female. I have my Zoey, my French bulldog. She is the most docile sweetest dog but she’s female. I just couldn’t risk any problems. So I put my English bulldog back on the back burner and once again the decision became another French bulldog.

My marshy was a Frenchie, Zoey is a Frenchie, and these dogs are so damn expensive now. I looked on the French Bulldog adoption websites but there wasn’t a fit. Before we got Zoey, Mikayla and I always talked about a black pug. We were going to name the black pug Minx. We actually almost got a third dog about six months before Zoey came along. So I decided to look for black pugs. I just happened to stumble upon the bundles of love website and saw the panda pug.  I never ever heard of a panda pug let alone saw one. I instantly fell in love. I saw my little Minx and immediately wrote to the breeder. The rest is history. Love this little one so much. He’s such a great puppy. He can’t replace my Marshmallow but he has definitely created a big home in my heart. Thank you again for everyone who helped make getting him easier. He is so loved.

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