Rituxan infusion scheduled in a week

Rituxan infusion scheduled in a week

I can’t believe it’s been six months already. Well I guess it has because all my reminders went off. Actually about a week after my last infusion I started receiving phone calls to set up my appointment. It was crazy. Actually I thought CVS specialty pharmacy was crazy. I never used them for my Rituxan or my Ocrevus so I was so confused why they kept calling me. Sure enough another change with my insurance. Great, because those have always turned out so well for me. They were calling me a week after I did my infusion when my next infusion isn’t for another 6 months. This is going to go smoothly, I’m sure.

When I did speak to them, they were just doing an introductory call. I was supposed to touch base a few weeks before my next infusion was scheduled. I contacted them two weeks ago because I wasn’t confident things were going to go through correctly. I was actually very surprised. My medication orders were already in the system. My insurance was already approved for delivery. Other than sone personal information, the set up was really fast. My meds would be delivered right to my home on September 8. Excellent!!! Then I asked about the nursing service who administers the drug. This they couldn’t answer and needed to get back to me. Oh great, here comes the nightmare.

I was told I needed to contact my nurse myself to arrange the infusion. Luckily, I always did this part with her anyway. However, she was with the agency who organized my whole infusion, will she get paid? I called her and she explained, CVS specialty pharmacy took over the agency sometime ago, they are one in the same. Well that information would have been useful to know 6 months ago. Would have explained a lot.

Well I must say regardless this was the easiest set up of my infusion I ever had. Once again I will have the full dosage in my home. Hopefully I will not have any rashes or blisters.

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