My Sakara Journey begins

My Sakara Journey begins

I was sent an email by my beautiful cousin about this company I never heard of Sakara. She told me I needed to check them out. Anything my cousin recommends is usually worth looking into, so I checked it out. It was everything I’ve been looking for in my vegan lifestyle. I wanted a really good food delivery because let’s be honest cooking with progressing multiple sclerosis is becoming harder and harder. My meals become repetitious because it’s my aide doing the cooking I’m instructing and even that becomes exhausting. I am trying to simplify my life but I don’t want to eat processed foods. I want nutritious real food that is both vegan and plant based yet weight sensitive and good. Then she gives me this site It’s everything I’m looking for but no way can I afford it on my disability income.

The company gave me a gift. They generously gave me a week to try on them. This was either going to go well because I didn’t like it and didn’t want to continue or poorly because I really want to continue. My first box came yesterday.

This box included 3 meals a day for Monday-Wednesday. I will receive another box on Thursday. Due to unforeseen problems yesterday going to my doctor I didn’t start yesterday so my Monday will be my Tuesday. I want to follow the plan as it is meant to be and yesterday I wasn’t able to do that. I did open the box to separate my days. Omg!!!! Look at these salads. That alone made me so happy. I love salads and could eat them all the time. I know I’m going to want to continue. I don’t think financially there will be a way for me. Yet I must say this is the way to go if you have any interest in making food medicine, changing how you eat and looking for a healthier lifestyle. If anything I hope I can be an affiliate with this company because I can already tell, this is going to be amazing. Check them out

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