True Love

True Love

I watched my beautiful cousin get married yesterday via internet live feed. I was able to access their wedding website and links through my Firestick internet. We were able to watch everything through my TV sitting comfortably in my living room as opposed to hunched over an iPad. My mom and stepdad came over so we could all watch together.

This ceremony was far from the dream she had when she got engaged but Covid interrupted and new plans were conceived. I have a feeling that when she looks back she wouldn’t have wanted to get married any other way. Her wedding was intimate and truly celebrated these two people as a couple. From the way the officiate talked about them to their beautiful written vows, this wedding was a pure showcase of two people who are very much in love. We were all quiet the entire time. My mom had tears in her eyes at the end. The only words we all could muster out at the end was beautiful because the love the couple shared just took our words away.

They had a second part to their festivities which was a dance party held a little later. Held in her parents transformed backyard you’d think there were 100 people there instead of 15. The family and spouse’s family were all dancing the night away having a great time. The happiness from the new couple still leaping from the screen as we watched. My cousin who can light any room with her smile could have lit any State her smile was so radiant. I honestly have never witnessed a wedding of two people more in love than I have watching yesterday’s nuptials. That was the definition of true love.

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