Taking a few days off from workouts

Taking a few days off from workouts

This is an amazing thing, I’m taking a few days off from exercising. If you follow my blog, you know this is a big, big, thing for me. If you don’t follow my blog, take my word for it, this is a major thing for me. I don’t skip workouts. They aren’t an optional thing for me to do each day. So why am I bragging about taking a few days off?

Truthfully it is a mental thing. Taking a few days off from working out, when you do it everyday, isn’t easy. I have to almost justify it in my mind that it is ok. I partly feel guilty for not exercising and I partly feel lazy. I have to accept my own reasoning WHY I’m not doing anything. This is probably a major part of what keeps me exercising everyday to begin with. I made a promise to myself over 10 years ago that I would never wake up and question whether I would exercise. I just woke up put on my sports bra and worked out. I may have cursed throughout the duration of whatever I was doing but I’d complete whatever I was doing. Now it is embedded and skipping is harder to do than than the exercises. So why am I taking a few days off?

Well, that’s the real question. First I finally figured out how to do the new program in the MS gym that is called Standing Tall. This program has days where the exercises are done on your back. They are recommended to be done on the floor or your bed. I certainly can’t do the floor because I won’t be able to get up by myself. I tried my bed but felt I didn’t have the right support. I realized I could stretch my wheelchair out into a flat position and accomplish most of the moves there.

Great I can now finally start the new program. I was all set to start Monday. I just has a very long night on Sunday and I slept late. I was so tired. I decided this wasn’t the day to start. Then I realized this wasn’t the week to start. Today my daughter left to go back to school so my attention was on her, not on a workout. Unfortunately I have a mammogram soon so exercising now wouldn’t give me enough downtime to recover. Wednesday and Thursday I have appointments as well. Friday is the only day I am home for the days duration. This was not the week to start a new program.

I could do some of my other stuff the remainder of the week and I may. I may not. I’m a creature of habit with full weeks starting on Monday but I’ll see how I feel. I’m trying to not feel bad about taking time off. I purchased a EMS muscle simulator fitness apparatus. I know it won’t actually give me six pack abs or defined arms but for someone like me with limited connection to muscles it has been shown to help. That is what I’d like to focus on this week. I’m hoping to get this set up for use. Always looking for things that will aid my workouts. I’ll fill you in how this works hopefully in another blog.

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