Still have a view

Still have a view

I finally found the plans for the hotel that will be taking up the empty lots in my direct view. The plans weren’t actually finalized until January of 2021.

Originally the plans were for a three story hotel, a two story conference/wedding center and a two story covered garage was being built at the end of the block. I would loose my entire view from my living room. I’d still have water on the canal to the left but the wide vast opening, I’d only see from my balcony to my very very right. I’ve been bummed about this for as long as I found the original plans.

I search the web all the time for information on the hotel. I finally found the architect. Then I found the approved plans.

However the most important picture I found was this one

This one shows the arial view of the hotel and a very important part. The area indicated with a grey H in a parking lot. A flat normal, no stories, no cover parking lot. This was a big deal for me because this is my view of the end of the street.

Without that original proposed two story garage, the view isn’t blocked by anything. I was so excited that I was almost in disbelief. I didn’t want to get my hopes up. I actually called the designer for the clarification. Thankfully, they were very nice and didn’t think I was a raving lunatic. They verified that YES that was a FLAT parking lot at the end. Yippee I was so excited.

I’ll still loose the entire side that I’ve become blissfully accustomed too. However, something was always going to be built there eventually. That block is the heart of Freeport. In 2012, hurricane Sandy destroyed many businesses. That is why these lots were available to begin with. It’s important to keep the area alive because this is why I moved here. I’m just thrilled that as I sit on my comfy chair in my living room I could still gaze at part of the water. This was happy news for me.

Wishing everyone Mother a happy Mother’s Day.

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