When life gives you lemons

When life gives you lemons

Not one of my better weekends. The humidity picked up significantly here and my body instantly felt the difference. I had a headache all day yesterday coupled with general weakness. Just made for a very tough day. I didn’t sleep well and of course that never helps. They’ve already started setting off fireworks around me. I learned that Minx HATES the noise they make. I can only imagine what he will be like as we get closer to July 4th. He goes into a barking frenzy and these are just small ones. I definitely will need to do something for him to calm him down. I’m seeing our Vet on Thursday so I will inquire about this. It goes further than the typical “things to do for your pets”article I’ve posted every year on the 4th. I need to help him calm down. He is by far my worst dog reacting to the noise.

I’m going to the vet again for Zoey who is still really not eating. I’ve tried everything; new bowls, different flavor food, different room, feeding by hand. She has very little interest. We have already been to the vet once and nothing showed up in her bloodwork. She actually gained a significant amount of weight. I thought it had something to do with one of her back teeth, but the vet said it really wasn’t bad. He even gave her an antibiotic just in case. Nothings helped. Sometimes she eats a little, sometimes she doesn’t. It’s been very upsetting. She’s going to go on Thursday again and the main thing is to put her on the scale my vet wants to see is she losing weight or is she eating enough. It could just be that she’s not hungry. Sometimes even the treats she doesn’t want. It makes me nervous. When Boomer and Marshmallow stopped eating, it was the beginning of their end. Zoey isn’t even 5. Other than the eating she’s acting normal but I I’ve been sick over all this. I am glad I got an appointment to bring her back in.

I feel sad. I’m sure it’s part worry over Zoey but I’m also sure it’s part exhaustion from my MS. I’m seeing my neurologist today. I know that there isn’t much that can be done for my MS and that realization always takes its mental toll on me. What I wouldn’t do for a day off. Just say where everything was and so goddamn hard. It really is mentally exhausting as well as physically exhausting. I think the weekend just took a lot out of me physically and mentally. This always makes for a wonderful time to go to the doctor. Good thing is this is the one that I’ve been going to for 23 years. He knows me well. I just don’t feel like putting on the smile and pretending everything is wonderful. You know what I mean? That’s fake smile we all perfected and say “we’re good.” I just don’t have the ability for that bullshit today. Sometimes I have to be real. I just wish it wasn’t so hard all the time. I don’t want an aid over the weekend. I like my alone time. It’s just exhausting being alone some days and others it is fine. This was one of the weekends that I was exceptionally tough.

Anyway I think I bitched enough. Thank you for listening. I truly thank my blog for allowing me this outlet. For all those positive blogs I do, I also need the ones where I vent. I know it’s Monday and the week is just starting, but I still wish everybody a wonderful week.

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