My view on exercise

My view on exercise

I was watching a show about the Amish in Pennsylvania. I think what shocked me the most was some of the county’s names. I knew of Intercourse, PA but was amazed there is a place called Blue Ball, PA. It starts to make something innocent like Mount Joy, PA to maybe be not so innocent. I mean who came up with these names??? Sure you go from Blue Ball, PA and suddenly you enter Mount Joy. Happily moving to Intercourse,PA located not far from Paradise, PA. Hmmm

Anyway, here we are another happy Friday. Zoey started eating again during the week so I’m happy to report that. I’ve had a long week and I’ve been super tired. Partly because I’ve been busy and partly because I’ve definitely kicked up my exercise. I added my weighted gloves back into my cardio. Plus I started doing some weight lifting again. I lost some upper body strength. I knew it but my neurologist saw it to. I was in a much different program with The MS Gym later in the 2020. When the website was redone I started from the beginning again. I think I lost some of my muscle tone. So I started getting it from other places until I reach some of the higher programs in The MS Gym. I’m kicking my own ass again, but that’s what I love. I’ve said it 100 times and I think I annoy people, especially my family, I would prefer to work out for an hour every morning and completely exhaust myself then do anything else for the day. That’s what I need. That’s how I get the cobwebs out.

I don’t like exercising understand, when the program is over, I’m done. I do what I set my mind to do, no questions. To me exercise is not optional. However I’ve never woken up thinking oh goody I get to exercise now LOL. A perfect example would be today. I did a hard cardio and weight program and then I was going to do my daily MS gym stuff directly after. It just so happened that today’s MS gym stuff was a breathing exercise that wasn’t physical. Since I’ve already hit my 30 minutes with the first exercise, I was satisfied with my workout, I could’ve gone to the next MS day exercise but I chose not too. I was done. Then there was a day like yesterday where I did the cardio and weights for 40 minutes. I then did the daily MS exercise that was an additional 30. It all depends. Plus the MS exercises were in two parts, I didn’t have to do both parts but that was the day exercise and therefore I complete it. Maybe it is part a mental thing but for me this is how I work.

I’m very content in my condo on my comfy chair with my dogs. Unfortunately, it is taking me longer to recover from my exercising than it used to. That part sucks. It’s bad enough that I can’t exercise as I wish I could. Having MS certainly doesn’t make things easy. I just got a call that my physical therapy is going to be starting again soon. I’m glad my physical therapist from last time will be available to see me this time as well. Although he may not be so happy with my progress. My dogs will be happy, that counts for something. On that note wishing everybody a really happy and fun weekend.

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