The energy graph

The energy graph

I was taking it easy this morning with exercise because physical therapy starts today. Yet I’m huffing and puffing as I sit down to write this. I wanted to be in somewhat a stronger state because unfortunately he is coming late today, at least late to my MS body. He won’t be here until 3-3:30. This is the point in the day where my energy level starts to decrease at a rapid pace.

I always say from the time I wake up my energy level is already starting at a steady decline. That is why I like to schedule most of the things I need to do in the morning. By the time that 3-4 o’clock hits that arrow can feel more like a slide. I can go from relatively ok to complete exhaustion in 30 minutes. Anyone with a chronic illness knows exactly what I’m talking about. The fact that I took it easy on my exercise this morning, I even showered last night, trying to conserve energy means nothing. It is basically the luck of the draw, so to say. I might be good later, I might not. Chances are from my past experience, I’m going to be tired. It really has nothing to do with the energy expended in the morning. That’s what makes it so goddamn frustrating. Hey, once in a while I do get that day where I feel strong. I can hope for the best.

My physical therapist is going to want to walk. I want to walk. I want to be back practicing with my new upright walker daily. My goal of walking has not changed or altered. If he was here at 12, I’d be in much better shape. Getting up to walk at three or 3:30, is going to be tough. Plus I can’t practice earlier because that would just exhausts me even more and I’m just trying as best I can to conserve a little energy. Hopefully going forward will find better times. I think that the late time was due to the fact it was my first day back again. I need him to come some time after my work out. I need some time after for my body to recover. Yet early enough where the fatigue hasn’t set in. That window could vary dramatically day to day but it is usually between 11-1. I’m not too demanding as an MS patient LOL some people would say why would you work out when physical therapist coming. I think I’ve answered that in 1 million different blog posts but definitely in the one I just wrote.

Working out is not optional!!!! I will revise it but never not do it. Anyway truth be told, it’s going to be what it’s going to be. I am looking forward to being stretched. I really really need that.

It’s Monday again, they come super fast. I hope everybody has a fabulous week. Filled with energy and most of all good things.

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