Summer cold ?

Summer cold ?

June and July down, August to go. I see the end is coming. I might survive another summer. I certainly have been in hibernation thus far, going out only when it is absolutely necessary. Yet even in my isolated state I still managed to get sick. I’m the last 14 days I’ve been to a doctor, seen my sisters, played games and mahjong with my friends in the building Far from a high interactive social calendar. Yet I woke up Saturday with a sore throat. I immediately broke out my oregano oil. Saturday night I was eating something and realized I had no taste in my mouth. I have to admit I got a little freaked out because Covid immediately came to mind. I was vaccinated but there was always the question as to if Rituxan kills the antibodies that the vaccine produces.

I didn’t wake up Sunday feeling any better. I tried to eat something that had a strong taste to see if my tastebuds were still off, unfortunately they were. I figured I need to schedule a Covid test. I just need to make sure. I was shocked that there were still no appointments available for the next 3 days. According to our governor in NY 73% of us are vaccinated. According to our county executive I live in one of the highest counties that have been vaccinated. Yet I still can’t get a Covid rapid test appointment for more than 3 days. Doesn’t make much sense to me.

Thankfully by the time I ate dinner I was actually able to taste the food. Maybe it was the oregano oil that altered my taste buds although that never happened in the past. I take oregano oil at any sign of a cold so I am quite use to it but you never know. Since it was that symptom that really got me worried, I was very relieved. I still feel crappy but I can deal with a cold or whatever this is going to become. I have no fever. I have started sneezing some and have slight congestion in my chest. I am continuing with oregano oil and the Doterra blend Breathe on my chest. Thankfully my aid is back this week and I have an easy week as well. Happy Monday.

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