Happy 50th Birthday

Happy 50th Birthday

Well today is my 50th birthday. That is a number you never really think about until you are closer to the realization that you are there. I remember throwing my mother a surprise party for her 50th birthday. The biggest surprise of that day was that my aunt, her sister, actually picked up my grandma at the airport. Something that she NEVER did. I can still see the scene so vividly when everyone yelled surprise and my grandma popped up from a booth, a half a second behind, and the look of shock on my moms face. My mom turned 75 on Friday and she’d still say it was the moment that my grandma popped up that surprised her the most. Partially because my aunt never picked her up from the airport, and partially because my grandmother kept the secret. Unfortunately, both my aunt and my grandma are no longer with us. So much has changed.

My dad’s 50th was also very memorable. He threw a party for himself and his girlfriend. They both were turning 50 within weeks of each other. Well instead of the surprise being on them, the surprise was on the guests. This wasn’t just a 50th birthday party, it was also a wedding. Well as lovely as this should have been, my little sister and I were not very happy. Going through the divorce of his second wife, my little sisters mother, was a war. We were not happy there was going to be another marriage. The two of us cried during the entire ceremony. I’m happy to say we were very wrong about this marriage. They have been married for almost 29 years

So now it’s my turn. I am not having a surprise party. I don’t have enough friends for that. Instead my stepdad, mom, daughter, sister, brother in law and nieces are going to a restaurant called Maroni. We actually had my stepdad’s 60th surprise party there. It was the last time I went there. This is a restaurant that does a chef’s tasting menu. Course after course of two bite plates of the most unbelievable food. They actually were on the food network in the throw done with Bobby Flay. They’re meatballs won. I always talk about eating at this place and wanting to go again. This year my family made it happen. Yum to the yummiest yum.

I have occupational therapy today as normal. Later this morning, I am being treated to a massage in my home thanks to my cousin and his family. Another wonderful gift on birthday and I’m so looking forward to that. As far as being 50, I’m too cute to look 50. Imagine if I actually put on makeup.

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