Spasticity update and sleep improvement

Spasticity update and sleep improvement

First I need to give an update on my Bionic Gym and spasticity experiment. In a quick summary I was paying close attention to how my spasticity was after I used my Gym. My blogs during the week discussed it a little further. and Please remember this is MY experience with Bionic Gym. The company makes no claims to help with neurological issues. That being said, 100% it made a difference and that’s exactly what I was looking to see. The days I use the Bionic Gym later in the evening, I definitely have a more difficult afternoon getting up and bending my legs. The vibration contractions, that the gym produces, somehow stretches the muscles. I have very little issues with the crazy spasticity that causes me to have to take a few minutes to stand up because I can’t get my legs to bend. There really is a difference. It was one of those things I finally put together after a really difficult Sunday. The only day I don’t work out. I put my theory to the test because I was having such a hard time with spasticity lately. I still haven’t figured it out when I have occupational therapy so I am still suffering Monday and Wednesday afternoons but I’m working on it. I can’t say enough great things about Bionic Gym. This is just another wonderful reason. I am an affiliate and I am proud to be. Check it out By the way when I go to sleep, spasticity resets and it starts again the next day.

Let’s talk about sleep. I think most of us with multiple sclerosis will tell you how important sleep is for us. We will also all tell you the list of reasons why we don’t sleep well or how we can stay in bed all day. It isn’t even just multiple sclerosis, it is so many chronic illnesses. I have had nights I’m up every 2 hours to use the bathroom or because my symptoms were defying my medication. Sleep was always intermittent for me.

Back in September, my sister and I bough presents for her kids and our nieces and nephews. I found the perfect gift. They were called Moon Pals. Weighted dolls with these weighted arms that wrap to actually hug you. They were so cute.

If you got 4, which we were, the 5th one got an extra discount on all 5. I collect and sleep with humpties, of course I was going to get the 5th one for myself. I just thought they were cute. I didn’t think it would help me sleep as weighted blankets and such claim. Truth is, it really does. I sleep on my back so I lay it on my chest with the arms on each of my shoulders. I never have issues falling asleep, that is due to my medication, it’s staying asleep. I don’t sleep through the night but I sleep for a much longer stretch than I ever did. I use to be up by 1-2am. From there, sleep could be sporadic at best. Now I sleep until 4-5. I still am sporadic sleeping when I get up but that is a huge difference in time I’m sleeping now than what I was. It’s kind of crazy. I miss my humpties. I’ve slept with them my whole life but I can’t beat the sleep. Usually in the mornings when I’m in the sporadic sleeping times I switch to a Humpty. Just makes me happy. Somehow the psychology behind the weighted blankets and stuffed animals for sleep must be true. Seems to be helping me. Anyone else sleep with anything weighted? Would love to know your experience.

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