Bionic Gym helping with Spasticity, my experiment

Bionic Gym helping with Spasticity, my experiment

I am doing a test this week. I think the Bionic Gym is helping with the spasticity. I have been using it later in the day on Monday and Wednesday because of occupational therapy. I am going to adjust the timing of that. I started with Sunday. I normally don’t do any exercise. It is my one day off. It is also the most difficult day for me with spasticity. I figured I would just do one hour at a lower intensity and even a new program. I don’t think the program I chose was the right choice. I just didn’t get a good vibration contraction in my legs with the program I used. I don’t think this worked very well towards my experiment.

I have to figure out where to fit Bionic Gym in with occupational therapy. I have been not doing anything prior to my therapist coming. We do a lot over 45 minutes. Even though it is technically occupational therapy, we do mostly physical therapy exercises. I start with a five minute pulley warmup. The next things are the only occupational exercises we do. I do the Thera flexbar and finger tip exercises. He brings supplies but I purchased them on Amazon so I can use while watching TV.

After that we do squats. Something I learned I need to do more often. Bionic Gym tones your muscles by the rapid contractions but it is not building muscles. That you need to do on your own and I certainly haven’t been doing squats. Arm and shoulder strength exercises are usually next. These are done with my therabands and he controls the resistance.

I end with wall push-ups followed by walking with my upright walker.

. I told you it was a lot in a short amount of time. I’m usually spent when he leaves. I’ve been showering and using the Bionic Gym in the evening. The spasticity is difficult all day. I think something with the vibration of the Bionic Gym helps release the tightness in my legs. At least making it easier to get up from my comfy chair

Unfortunately Sunday I didn’t have much relief. I don’t think it was a good example for me to base my experiment on. I definitely used the wrong program. I am going to focus more on my spasticity with the usage of the Bionic Gym this week. I want to keep notes and see if there is a real difference when I use Bionic Gym. I will let you know how it goes.

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