Time for a hair color change

Time for a hair color change

I am only a few days into my Bionic Gym and spasticity experiment, since I messed up Sunday https://multipleexperiences.org/2021/11/15/bionic-gym-helping-with-spasticity-my-experiment/. I have to say I am definitely finding it easier to bend my legs after I used my Gym. I am definitely having less spasticity issues. It doesn’t last forever. Every morning I wake up with the same issues with my legs. It’s like my lower back needs a super stretch to release my legs. Again it’s only been a few days of my experiment and these are my personal results. I am a strong believer that anyone with any neurological disease, especially if it affects their legs, should own one https://bionicgym.com/?rfsn=6087517.2f5823. Bionic Gym does not make any claims regarding improving or helping neurological conditions. I am an affiliate with the company and can only offer my own personal experience. I can tell you, for me, it has worked wonders. It seems to help my spasticity. I can use it for a few hours and not fatigue myself. Yet I’ll burn significant calories. My legs are much toner with less wobbly bits. Plus I lost weight. https://bionicgym.com/?rfsn=6087517.2f5823 I highly recommend to invest and check it out.

Ok on another note, I’m getting my hair done tonight. I made a big decision to NOT straighten my hair twice a year anymore. Now that I shortened my hair, it is much easier to handle. The couple of inches that grows in fuzzy, can easily be tamed with a flat iron. Certainly for the fall, winter and early spring months when humidity isn’t high. To spend a lot of money plus the six hours it takes to do, just doesn’t seem worth it to me. Instead I’d rather put the red back into my hair and give it some pizzazz. I took it out because straightening oxidizes my hair. I hated how it turned orange and would take months to get right again. The next thing I knew I was straightening again and I was back to orange. What a pain. I took out the red and my hair has been a dark brown ever since.

If you know anything about me, I don’t like normal hair color. My real choice would be to have a real red.

I love to be different but I know that actually requires bleaching first and then color. I don’t have patience. Actually the truth is my mom pays my hair bill and I don’t want to make it expensive. Otherwise I’d do my black cherry again. My hair was red and I had black low lights. That was an awesome color on me too but again expensive.

Instead I kept it easy to a one color process. It was never exactly what I wanted but it was nice.

Now my hair is darker so I’m not sure if the red will cover or get washed out. I’d love to have one of the crazier colors. My hair is where I like to make my statement in the world. If it isn’t my color I do something crazy with my cut. I did the crazy cut a few months before so we’ll see what happens when I come home. I’m hoping for some pop. Maybe I’ll have a picture to add to this by morning.

A work in progress. Not red yet but some highlights.

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