I hate vinyl windows

I hate vinyl windows

Sunshine and butterflies this morning. Ok no butterflies but there is sunshine. In my condo we get the morning sun. I have seen some gorgeous sunrises over the years. The morning sun heats up my condo even when the temperature is 40 degrees out. When I am working out in the AM, as I always do, I very often have a window open and my fan blowing. Once it hits 12pm, sun is over the top of the building, the temperature inside can change very quickly. No wonder I freeze aides. I forget to close the window sometimes. Oops. So I’ve been trying to not open the window anymore. I have to say, it gets really hot in here in the AM. That morning sun is no joke.

However,, if it isn’t sunny, it is a completely different situation. It is because of the vinyl windows on the balcony. I dislike the vinyl windows. They let the heat of the sun through. They also let the wind and cold through. This is not a four season window. I always keep my balcony door open because my pet wee wee pads are kept out there. Keeps my condo smelling clean. I had glass sliding doors out there when I first moved in. Unfortunately, the doors had serious issues. When i hired someone to fix them, I was told I couldn’t get glass anymore. Something to do with hurricanes. Sounded probable, it was a lie. Do than the fact that they open fully in the spring, that is my only plus to them. As soon as I have my own financial money, it would be the first update I would do to my condo. I want the glass doors again. Until then, nothing I can do.

This was the one thing I really regret in my condo. I never liked the vinyl windows. It was expensive to install and will be more expensive to redo. I hate the lines it puts in my view pathway too. I try very hard to pretend I love it but I really don’t. I really hate everything about them. I also hate how hard they are to clean. One day I will be able to get the windows fixed. I made a very expensive error. This was totally my fault. It still eats at me every day. The sun has moved now overhead and the cold has settled in the condo. The vinyl windows don’t help heat stay in. Time to put heat on. Dumb windows.

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