Monday morning again…

Monday morning again…

We arrived at Monday once again. I feel like I am on a fast track through these days, weeks, months and years. That is saying something considering most of my days are spent in front of the TV. I am far from highly stimulated most days. Yet the days are going fast. I know I’ve said this many times before. I’m sorry I’m repeating myself. I just find it amazing sometimes. I got to spend a few hours with my little sister, nephew and niece on Saturday. My sister and I chit chatted while they watched season 32 of the Simpson’s. I was in college when the show came out. I’m can’t believe they still have have subjects for episodes. Gee 32 seasons,hasn’t every “duh” been said already? I would think Bart, Lisa and Maggie should have a job by now.

I don’t have anything crazy going on this week. I am still doing occupational therapy twice a week. My case manager with Aetna is going to try to get some physical therapy time approved. Hoping to get some stretching and exercise for the spasticity. I am doing better with the Baclofen but would prefer to not stay on an increased dose for too long. I haven’t been doing the MS gym because of the spasticity. The upper body exercise I am getting with OT. I am also supplementing with my weight exercise videos. The leg stuff has been more difficult. I have been opting for my Bionic Gym because that helps loosen the spasticity. I am in better shape after sitting with the Bionic Gym on for an hour or two than anything with the MS gym. I keep hoping the spasticity goes away like the way it came on, suddenly. I am better but it still sucks.

On another note, I rearranged a few pictures in my house. I got 3 pictures for my birthday. The first from my sister.

Thankfully this was an adorable Humpty. Sometimes people give me humpties because they are humpties but they are ugly. I then feel obligated to display them. This picture I loved. It worked perfectly in my living room. The others were from my first aide.

I thought this was the perfect spot for these. I had a clock there that I even painted white but it was broken and didn’t keep time. I finally got rid of the clock. The pictures fit perfectly. I was pretty happy with the new additions to my home.

Well I guess I need to get myself together for OT. Hopefully I am in good form today. Actually hope I’m in good form after as well. Have a great day.

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