The replacement aid

The replacement aid

I’m doing better with the spasticity. I was never a person who thought Baclofen really did anything. I’ve taken 10mg a day, as preventative, for as long as I can remember. Well increasing it to 20mg twice a day has definitely did something. The constant dull ache I’ve had in my lower back has almost completely subsided. I am able to bend my legs to get up more often than not now. I’m not cured but doing much better. I am experiencing some side effects with the increase prescription. I am tired. I fell asleep, on my comfy chair, the other night and have no recollection of even closing my eyes. I’m sleeping deeper plus longer through the night but still wake up every morning exhausted. The dizzy spells have are minimal but I still have moments. I have not taken the diazepam since the first 1/2 pill dosage I took the very first day. I am happy to say I am doing ok. I never would have thought Baclofen would have done anything for spasticity. 24 years of having multiple sclerosis and using Baclofen, I was proved wrong.

I have had a good week. My normal aide had taken three days off and I was given a substitute. This woman has been wonderful. I hate to say it but better than my regular aide. She is just older and more experienced. The best thing is her attentiveness to me. She helps me when I’m transferring. Like she knows where to hold my body that actually helps. My aide doesn’t do that at all. She helps pull up my pants when I’m struggling. She pays attention. I think my current aide has become too comfortable. She is always near by but she is not always watching. She wouldn’t come and help unless I asked or I actually fell.

The other thing is my aide has been showing up later and later to start work. What started as 10-15 minutes is now 30-40 minutes every day. I’m fighting my insurance to get more nursing hours. I was just approved for an additional 2 extra hours a week. This is what started me looking into the nursing home diversion program. I got 2 hours when I made an increase request with my insurance. Yet I’m losing over 2 hours a week with my aide being late. I could something, but I am not her boss. The agency is. They see what time she clocks into the work system. Why is it my responsibility to reprimand my aide? I would call the agency and complain but I know I’m another month or so I will be with a new agency and a new program. I have asked my aide if she’d be interested in changing to the new program but she hasn’t really given an answer. I did ask this aide who was covering because I know she doesn’t have a steady case now. I know she likes me and my puppies. I also know she’d love weekend shifts if she couldn’t do day.

I wouldn’t drop my current aide because I am loyal. There are things that are wrong but she does do a lot of things right. Plus she’s been with me for a couple of years. I dogenuinely like her. With a month or two left, I would never change my aide putting her out of full time employment. However, this replacement aide is an angel and I hope I can use her in the future. She seemed very excited by the idea. I will have her number when she leaves for the day. I will let the agency know how wonderful she was. I’d like to give her the recommendation. I’ll be sorry when she’s gone.

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