Taking a new aide

Taking a new aide

I have to admit I am wrong this while I am doing my bionic gym. It is very difficult to do this while you are shaking. Forgive me In advance for grammar and spelling errors more than my usual. I know last week I told you about the wonderful aide I had that covered for my full time aide on vacation. https://multipleexperiences.org/2021/12/10/the-replacement-aid/. It turns out on Monday, my full time aide said that she will be going to 3 days per week. I don’t really know the full reason why she asked for this change. The reason she gave both me and the agency seemed very unlikely. However, the decision to keep her and her another aide for two days or to help one full time at de would be left to me.

I didn’t have any intention to dismiss my current aide. She was supposed to make the change as of the new year. Then she needed a day off this week which turned into two days. The replacement aide I got was useless. Nice girl but I had to ask her to make my bed. Really???? I can’t train aided twice a week. Today she came in and I was on the floor. I made a bad transfer. I had to ask her for help. She was putting her lunch away and petting the dogs. Hello, your patient is on the floor!!!! Thankfully I already spoke to the agency earlier that morning. If I didn’t make my decision already I would have after that.

I am still in the process of changing my nursing aide hours and program. I spoke to my case manager from that program yesterday. I didn’t want to make changes with my current aide if I only have a few weeks left before the transition. She told me the key thing I needed to hear which was my current aide can come. I can’t bring my current aide if she is part time. It doesn’t work. I know that the wonderful aide from the last week is not only available but would switch agencies to keep full time hours. She can continue to work with this agency and pick up weekend shifts. She’d be happy. She was really good and I have progressed since my current aide started working with me. What we did ?2 years ago doesn’t work now. She doesn’t pay enough attention and that leaves me to ask for help which I don’t. No one is to blame but the relationship got too comfortable.

I requested the other aide to start as of the new year. It is about what will be better for me. I can’t have a new aides every week. That’s to much pressure on me each week. The agency and I will talk to my current aide. Sometimes I need to make a decision for my benefit not someone else’s.

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  1. I’m glad you are slowly working through the process and putting yourself first. Fingers crossed I know it’s big changes and change is always a bit uncomfortable

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