Spirits, ghosts and the universe

Spirits, ghosts and the universe

I haven’t been spiritual in a while on my blog. Just because I don’t write about it doesn’t mean I’ve stopped believing. Sometimes my spiritual side steers me to watching programs, on my Firestick, that some may feel is pretty dark. Last week I was watching programs about life after death. I was watching I survived, Life and Beyond as well as a Netflix documentary, Surviving Death. I know, very uplifting stuff. I really don’t have a suicidal thoughts. I actually found many of these stories very beautiful and uplifting. So many of the stories were so similar. I think what also was fascinating for me is the recounts of so many people describing that we are a higher consciousness. Connected to the universe in a peaceful, loving manner which is exactly what I have been striving for since I started my spiritual journey. Where some may find these programs dark, for me, they were the opposite. I felt inspiration and hope. I believed in a higher consciousness. I believe that your body is just a vehicle for your spirit. I believe you see your loved ones again.

I’ve had some strange ghostly encounters. I tell the one about my grandma often. She passed away over 18 years ago. I had in my house my wedding wall. At the very top were pictures of my grandparents wedding. Beneath them was my mother from her wedding plus my aunt at her wedding. The bottom was my own wedding pictures. The day I came home from my grandma’s funeral, at about 2AM, there is a loud crash. Startled I wake up to find her wedding picture has fallen from the wall. It hits every picture on the way down but nothing else falls. Her wedding picture was the only one on the floor broken. As if that wasn’t enough, I was wearing a necklace she left for my cousin. I always wanted it and my cousin let me have it because the jewelry left for me disappeared. The day after the picture broke, I was in my kitchen when the necklace broke right off my neck. It didn’t get caught on something, didn’t get pulled, just slid off my neck. Broken at the point of where the necklace made a V. This wasn’t a thin necklace, it was a thick chain with six diamonds forming the V. Just broke at the V point and laid on the floor. I finally said, “ok grandma, I get it, I’m giving back the necklace. Just stop breaking things.” I fixed the necklace and gave it back to my cousin. Nothing else ever happened. At least not with my grandma’s spirit. I’ve had other strange spiritual encounters or maybe even a ghostly encounter over the years. Depends on what you believe. I have always believed in the spiritual world. I always believed in a higher consciousness, long before I started reading A Course in Miracles. I tell you this so you could know how I think. I think that if your eyes are open, amazing miracles happen all the time. Life coincidences are sometimes really not coincidences.

This brings me to my next story. One of the programs was about a man who died for five plus minutes. . When he flatlined he described his experience similar to others but he was the only one who talked about seeing his dog. Anyone who reads my blog knows how I am about my dogs. I looked over at the painting of my beloved Boomer and was so happy that I knew I would see him again. I literally looked at his picture and told him that him and Marshy need to be there. Silly, possibly, but I they are my happy place . In another program it was about mediums. I was wondering if mediums contact dogs. It was a quick thought but I was curious. I can’t be the only person who has wanted to contact their dog. This was all last week.

Fast forward to Saturday when I happen to post this picture on Facebook.

I am not very active on Facebook but I saw this and loved it. I received a message from my last landlord in the comments that said

The lady who lives upstairs says a medium was at the apartment that you lived in and and she said there is a spirit of a very happy dog that lived there

OMG!!!! I actually was so happy seeing this I started crying. You could say it was a coincidence, you could say it’s random, you could say whatever you want. I believe it was the universe giving me a message from Boomer. I’ve been out of that apartment for four years now. The lady that lives there has been there for the same four years. She has recently gotten into Tarot card reading. The person teaching her is a medium. She didn’t know about Boomer passing away in the apartment. He died almost a year before I left. She actually asked my landlord and he knew immediately who the animal had to be, my boy Boomer. It just so happened he told me on my picture. Crazy right??

It just strengthens my belief in the world around me. We are more than we can see. That comment lead to my landlord and I having a full text conversation this morning. He brightened my whole day when he told me those words. Boomer is always missed. Knowing he is happy I am still choking back tears I just wish his spirit was here not in a place I am no longer living.

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