Rocket Ship Yoga

Rocket Ship Yoga

My family means the world to me. They have been my support system for my multiple sclerosis since day 1. However, their support over the ordeal with the Covid and the pneumonia was beyond anything I have ever felt. It actually brought some of my relationships closer. Especially with my sister. She became the first person I text every morning in the hospital. We continued to do this even when I got home.

In all the time I was sick she was still so busy with her own job. She is a kids movement and yoga teacher with over a half a million subscribers on YouTube. She now released her first book.

I’m her younger sister but I am still in awe of her achievements. I’ve been watching her from day one. Kids absolutely love her and her songs. Yet they are learning, what we as adults need to learn, how to breathe and be calm. It is such an amazing lesson for children. Check out her book or Check out her YouTube page You can support my sister like she supports me.

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