Avoiding brain mush

Avoiding brain mush

I have been expanding my mind. I am still watching mindless television but playing games too. I play dordle and wordle online daily. I even downloaded an app to play wordle throughout the day. I also love Sudoku. I’m good at them too. I play the hard or expert levels. It can take me an hour to play an expert game. I love the challenge. I just want everyone to know I am not completely wasting my brain away. I definitely watch a lot of TV. I’d love any suggestions on other challenging games. Not like candy crush or angry birds. I like puzzles that make you think but not levels or having to wait to play for a certain amount of time unless you pay.

Anyway I’m happy to say I took a step with PT the other day. Once again it’s a victory, although it is small. I don’t doubt that I will gain independence again. The question is how much independence will I regain. With victories being small, how long will it even take. I remain cheerful. I look forward to when my PT comes. I want to show him how determined I am, although he knows. I also want to prove to myself that I am getting stronger. That is why I celebrated my one step because it was improvement from the week before. As I lay in this bed I’m still exercising every day. I am doing all the exercises given to me to do while in bed plus I’ve added some more. I even do it while I’m using the bionic gym. I try to really focus on my legs the best I can. I can only do so much, I understand that. Doesn’t mean I can’t try to push.

Anyway, I am going back to my Sudoku puzzle while the Osbourne’s want to believe play in the background. Any puzzle or TV recommendations greatly appreciated. Happy Wednesday.

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