My weekend review

My weekend review

Welcome back to Monday. We end up here quickly it seems. I am back to physical therapy today. I enjoyed my week off. I really enjoyed being with my beautiful daughter. She has just become this sweet woman. Her presence just made us realize how much she is missed. I can never forget how grateful I am despite any chronic disease. I don’t feel like doing the whole grateful speech so don’t worry.

I really have no specific direction for this blog so forgive me if I ramble. I took a dive into history this weekend watching John Adams on HBO. I was never a good social studies student in school. I know little about our history. Pathetic really. I mean I had to look up the 13 original colonies. Ok maybe I could have figured them out being a New Yorker and knowing the coast. Who am I kidding , I would have forgotten a few. I was fascinated. Ok, this might not be 100% factual, after all it is still a mini series on HBO. Yet, I learned more in a day than a year in American history. I didn’t know anything about any of these key people, George Washington included. I might be too late for my social studies tests but I am finally learning.

I also must say I watched a documentary on Tony Hawk. I was never a skateboard rider or watcher but I was moved by the documentary. Sometimes seeing the great sports figures journey, you see their determination and sacrifice. They didn’t become great by accident. I watch a lot of documentaries like this and I think this was my favorite. I believe it’s because of Tony Hawk himself. You could see his honesty, dedication and hard work.

That’s my weekend review LOL. I am getting myself ready for PT. This should be a fun day. Wishing you all the best day ever.

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