Still exhausted

Still exhausted

I woke up yesterday and felt really good. I got up, into my wheelchair and I finally was able to stand on the scale. I held my my balance for a split second allowing the scale to actually show an accurate number. I was 138, fully dressed. I never weighed myself dressed. That is 3lbs from my ultimate weight goal. A goal I never even thought was going to ever really happen. Well I guess there is something to say about atrophy. If you want to see a bright side. Although that was the first few minutes of the morning. I actually decided to organize my 3 weeks of pill boxes at my table. A daunting task that I unfortunately had to do from my bed the last few months. Yesterday I did that sitting up in my wheelchair. I think what was more incredible I didn’t drop one pill on the floor. Really that I think was more monumental than me sitting up in the wheelchair but hey, I guess I am impressed by both. I wasn’t even too tired. I straightened out my kitchen counter with my aides help before I finally made my way back to my bedroom. My last task was to safely get into bed without falling which I did. I was up for almost 1 1/2 hours in the wheelchair, a new record. I was very pleased.

A wave of exhaustion hit me around 1:00pm. I was back in bed for hours already. I wasn’t doing anything. Four days now, the same wave. This is the Rituxan. I do see the light. This will pass. The feeling of being tired, if it is Rituxan side effects, goes away. I know I’ve written numerous blogs about my infusions discussing being tired. I know I’ve written numerous times I’ve written numerous blogs. I’m making my educated guess of what is going on. I mean it better be because it can’t be something permanent. I have enough to work on that I don’t need any new symptoms, especially fatigue. Good help me if I start having to deal with fatigue as a daily symptom The worst of all the MS symptoms. I’ve dealt with it many times. I just can’t do it in my current state, trying to rebuild. I need the energy. Therefore, this needs to be the infusion side effects.

My sweet daughter leaves tomorrow. I had such a great week having her home. My girl is beautiful, kind, funny and loving. She has grown into a very special young lady. I am going to miss her energy in the house. I hope everyone has a beautiful weekend.

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