Goodbye Scale

Goodbye Scale

imageMy last three months of weigh-ins at weight watchers (WW). Technically I am within goal which is set at 145 and you have a 2lb leeway to be considered in range. However I should tell you that according to WW at my height of 5’2″ the goal is 137 but my doctor changed it for me.

Today I am throwing out the scale, ok well not literally let’s be real here. Why? Because I am number obsessed. I can step on the scale everyday and it will dictate my mood, how I feel, how I eat, what I wear and what I think about for the entire day just from a number. Now let’s do a reality check to we all know the number fluctuates daily but does that stop the obsessed, irrational mind? Nope not at all. I know I’m not alone in this thinking either. How many times have you got on the scale saw a higher number than your use to and found your biggest shirt to wear or loosest jeans? Got ready by looking in the mirror that didn’t show your full outfit just your face? I know I’ve done it. I’ve done the reverse too, when I see the low number and ate the cookies and ice cream…and then bang next day comes and I’m miserable. It’s a vicious cycle. So bye bye scale…im going to start listening to my body. Guess what my jeans will tell me too if things are going south. I need to start appreciating what’s in the mirror not a number on a scale. I’m reading a course in weight loss by Marianne Williamson which is about loving yourself and I think it starts there. I am also doing EFT (emotional freedom technique) for weight loss. You can google both or ask me I can link if you’d like. It’s time to love me and not a number. Ok that’s my big to do for the day. Wish me luck since last time I did this I took it out 3 days later. Your my commitment now. Xoxo

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