ok let me start by saying I’d like to go back to the old ways where you go to a club,bar,disco etc and meet someone who you may or may not date. Worst case senario you have a drink or two or eight and go home alone but drunk.  Online dating is one big rejection site that your ego takes a huge hit on. Since one of my major reading is a course in miracles where you are supposed to realize each person is perfect just as they were created, a body is meaningless and the ego is the basically the most horrible thing we have created, online dating and remaining positive is extremely difficult.

A beautiful woman or good looking man still faces some sort of rejection on these sites on any given day basically no matter who you are what you got going for you, rejection is part of the process. Now add in multiple sclerosis and the game gets that much harder.  I can’t hide my symptoms anymore so I put it right in my profile description.  I have that “I have multiple sclerosis and use a walker now” I even add that “because of the challenges of having a chronic disease it has made me the strong person I am today”. Pretty straight forward.  Never fails I get a guy write me “I loved your profile we seem to have a lot of similarities and I’d love to talk to you more”. I talk to most people since I can’t trust the pictures and I have a 100% track record of making the WRONG choice.  Within five messages the email for a phone number comes.  This is where I always ask, “just want to make sure you actually read my profile and understand and are ok with my MS?”  Then the silence. Ugh. It is very frustrating.  Like I said hard to remain positive. The good part is, I’m in no rush. I’m OK working on loving myself and filing the hole in my life,that I’ve turn to guys to fill, with ME.  The universe has a plan and I trust the outcome maybe I’ll meet someone maybe I won’t but I’m hopeful I won’t be lonely.  The dating topic will be ongoing since I signed up for 6 months and I’m pretty sure I have at least 4 months left. I’m looking forward to sharing the actual dating stories.

Well it’s beautiful out I hope everyone enjoys their day.

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    1. Truthfully I’ve meet some good people and some jerks. I do feel safer on match because at least people have to pay with a credit card so there is some tracking.

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