Ahhhhh who expected that gift

Ahhhhh who expected that gift

imageI woke up today in a bad mood. My body is run down, I’m tired, I was sad just not happy.  I decided not to overdo my workout today which for me is actually a big thing. I only did Zumba for 30 minutes. Now I just want you to have a visual of what happens when I do Zumba  I try to stand up for 3 songs. Mind you my feet can’t move because I have no balance and if I move to much I fall and Aldo because my feet don’t pick up.  So I’m standing there bopping from my knees moving my arms and hips.  Okay then I can’t stand anymore now I’m sitting on a chair bopping around still just moving my arms hips.  I mentally am moving my feet following the steps  I find the whole thing comical.  Ok so I exercised my 30 minutes shook off the guilt that crept up for not working out longer but it also only moved my sadness I woke up with from an 8 down to maybe a 6.  That was also after I kissed my dogs Boomer and Marshmallow good morning.  So I did a different meditation  one were you had to inhale through your nose and exhale making an ahhhh sound. I’ve done these types of meditations before and I sometimes feel like I’m out of breath from them or worst can’t catch my breath but I did it anyway. Ahhhhh, ahhhhhh, ahhhh. Well by the end of the 20 minutes I felt great. My sadness was down to a ZERO. I might have manifested a thought I wanted in my life and have been smiling ever since. Who knew that’s what wad going to shake off the sadness  I like unexpected gifts.


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