This will be one of those rant posts.  I started my day or early early morning waking up from a dream.  One of those dreams where the other person that was in the dream was just mean, hurtful and painful. I woke up and literally looked up and said really.  What am I supposed to learn from that one.  Well it too a while but I did shake off the dream and got up, worked out.  So far normal routine. However never got to anything else. I overdid it with my workout which wouldn’t be a big deal but my daughter and I had an appointment. I never had a chance to meditate and set my mind right for the day.  My daughters appointment was a big deal. She I’d going to be evaluated by a job vocation place through the NYS VR-Access program.  This program will help support her through college up until she has a job.  The vocation place evaluates her for 10 days on everything all of her abilities and makes a game plan of support to help her.  It’s HUGE.  It was huge I got her in this program early and it was huge that I got her this evaluation before applying for colleges. However my daughter is 17 and even though she knows how much aid this program will give her, the evaluation is 9:30-3:15 Monday – Friday the last two weeks of her summer vacation. She isn’t happy and I know each day I’m going to listen to how miserable she is.

We go to the supermarket to buy some fruits and veggies, not that I have the extra cash for it but I can’t not have it. Plus she needs lunch meats now and breakfast. Great a credit card charge I can’t pay. I was at least smart and used my scooter but I’ve been having problems lifting my scooter. I’m hoping it’s the heat making me weaker and it’s not that I am officially weaker. If I am truly weaker I have a serious problem being alone and using my scooter which means no more swimming because I always need my scooter for that.

I come home get the food away. Finally sit down haven’t eaten anything but my body is too tired. I check email and I have an email from one of the school teachers about my daughters ACT accommodations application. She needs her IEP. Fine I have that but I have no scanner or fax but hello aren’t you the school don’t you have the same thing? They also need the approval for her first ACT test she had that had the accommodation. Again the school has it or wouldn’t the ACT have it.  I don’t still have the letter I gave it to them.  On top of it all I need to find her a tutor for less then $155 a month and I don’t know where else to call.

Sigh. I’m tired not thinking straight. This aligns with the whole fatigue thread.

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