Is this another MS symptom or just age?

Is this another MS symptom or just age?

I’m going to my neurologist today  that the specialist just the regular neurologist. The same one I’ve gone to for 18 years. The same one that diagnosed me. The one I’m most comfortable with. Lately I’ve been noticing I’m having problems remembering words and peoples names  even though I might have just talked about it.   I find that things aren’t leaving my head quick or the words are there but just can’t reach them. It’s a little scary. I would think at the age of 44 that this wouldn’t be an eight yet but I don’t know. So when I go to the doctor I’m going to ask. I actually am writing this blog before I go so I don’t forget to ask.  I know that some of my older friends that are reading this are found to say me too it’s age  and my MS friends are saying nope it’s MS.   It’s not happening all the time every minute but it’s happening to the point where I’m starting to notice. One doctor wanted to do a cognitive baseline on me a couple years ago and we never did it because I didn’t stay with him now I’m wondering if it should’ve been done.  Well I’ll update the post after the doctor so it will be a two-part post today.

So doctor said cognitive is definately a symptom of MS more so apparent in the secondary progressive stage of MS.  He ordered a baseline test without me even mentioning the test I never did.  Great now I’m losing my marbles.

2 thoughts on “Is this another MS symptom or just age?

  1. Hope it’s a good visit today! I’d assume lack of memory is due to age. It’s happening to me and Ella is worse 🙂

    Looking forward to hearing a good report later. Xoxo

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