I have a secret

I have a secret


I have been a bad blogger.  I haven’t told you EVERYTHING. I have been very active on POF and match.  Ok well match has been boring I am active because I’m in month 4 of 6.  If no match in 6 months I get 6 free. I just have to email at least 5 people per month. However POF has been a different story. I been talking to many guys.  My mom jokes if it wasn’t for my MS I’d be busy dating day and night.  I do get a good amount of attention. Yes, some leave when I tell them about the MS because let’s be real most men don’t read the profile which has the information.  Anyway I’ve had many POF chat friends that start off promising but fizzle out and goes no where.  I’ve reached stage two giving out my cell which over the past few weeks have been about 10 maybe 12.  Of those I’ve scheduled a few dates but cancelled both. One because my gut instinct with the constant texts of babe, sweetheart, honey, sexy…when we don’t know each other, just not my type of guy.  The other because he was so rough like we don’t speak or text until we meet.  I need to get an idea of a persons personality. I don’t want to go for drinks or coffee with a wet noodle.  So I’m still talking with two and as soon as I log on to POF there is potentially more. What I love is I know what I DO NOT want. I don’t want the fixer-uppers. I’ve done that  relationship and I do not want that weight again.  I’m looking for a good guy that being a couple makes us both better people. I want someone who has his shit together. Who has a plan for the future. Who wants someone to stand with him not in front not behind. I don’t care if I have to say no 10,000 times I am listening to my gut instinct and I know that my guy is out there. Eventually we will find each other. The universe or fate will step in. HOWEVER I do have a date later. I talked on the phone with him had an easy conversation, got a good vibe. He’s a young retired cop who got bored being retired so works security at a college so his kids could go for free. Maybe on Sunday I’ll have something good to say and if not, no worries, I know I’m still on the right path. Wish me luck.

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  1. Shawn and I met on POF about 6.5 yrs ago:)! LOVED my experiences with on line dating on their site. I met many great guys- still remain friends with number of them. I have a few good stories from that period in my life and hope to share them on my blog sometime soon. A great topic to tackle! Thanks for sharing!:)

    Meg (aka BBH)

    1. Hopefully I’ll go back on again and retelling my tales of the dating world but now isn’t the time.

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