Zoey my poopy eating fur ball

Zoey my poopy eating fur ball

So once again little Zoey back at the vet. She has another respitory infection. However it is only one of the reasons she was there.  My veterinarian has received at least one email a day from me for the last two weeks straight. I’ve had 2 dogs at this office for the last 10 years but it wasn’t until Zoey came along, a little over a month ago, that the ENTIRE office now knows me. On a wonderful note about them, because I’m disabled, if I have an appointment, no one asks, they see my car and are outside to help me. I find it very endearing of the staff that they are so compassionate but that’s another story. It’s this adorable Zoey who has been the cause to 99% of the emails.

Help!!! So we are battling Giardia with the little puppy who, of course, gave it to my other dog, Marshmellow. Zoey is on round 3 of treatment. Problem is she eats the poop, hers and my Marshmellow. No matter how much I watch her, leash her or crate her, she seems to get to hers or his faster than I can stop her at least once per day.  The vet is saying she’s re-infecting herself but here’s my thinking…IF SHES BEING TREATED, ISN’T HER POOP TREATED TOO? I know it sounds silly but if it’s still in her poop alive, regardless if she’s eating it or not, then doesn’t she still have it? Yes, I know I still have the behavior problem of her eating the poop but am I misunderstanding how Giardia leaves a puppy’s GI tract? We have been giving pineapple everyday in Zoey’s food, that is obviously not working.  I just picked up some other thing at my local pet store, more homeopathic, that was guaranteed we are going to try. Otherwise we will try the deter or forbid. However I need to get the Giardia cleared up from this house and with poopy eating Zoey it is proving to be very difficult. Would love advice from anyone who has dealt with this.  I know I am not the first owner of a puppy poopy eating fur ball.

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  1. Maybe try squirting Zoey with a water bottle or shaking a can of pennies at her to try and break the habit. Good luck.

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