Puppisms by Zoey

Puppisms by Zoey

Unfortunately, I have not escaped side effect free from my Rituxan infusion on Monday.  However it’s not the Rituxan that is the problem it’s the steroid, as I figured it might be. Definitely not as bad as last time but I definitely don’t feel well. So instead of a long blog I got humor this morning with my puppy Zoey that I thought I’d share.

Zoey loves socks doesn’t matter if they are on your feet or not. This

Zoey’s stash

morning my daughter comes out with a fur ball attached at her toe pulling her sock as she runs. Good thing my daughter has balance because this little 11lb puppy would have knocked me over. My daughter is running one way, Zoey running the other way poor stretched sock caught in the middle. My daughter did win the battle.

I have to use a stylus on my iPad. Usually my blog I speak and then correct using the stylus. It’s hard for my hands to hit a letter accurately. Zoey loves the stylus. Doesn’t matter if I’m using it or if it’s laying down next to me. She finds them and it’s instant death to stylus. In the past week I’ve lost 2 to Zoey, I haven’t lost 2 in a month before Zoey.

Zoey loves coffee, never saw this in a dog. I drink my coffee in a thermos mug everyday with a straw. You’d think it was the straw she was going for but it isn’t, it’s the coffee. She licks the top and tries to knock it over to be able to get more. She has succeeded twice. This morning my daughter dropped her cup of coffee and there went Zoey at high speed to lap anything she could up. Such a strange thing. Just what I want a puppy to have, caffeine…

Since Zoey got here she has followed Marshmellow everywhere he goes. She is a little shadow. If Marshy is with me, Zoey comes to me, if Marshy is with my daughter, Zoey goes to my daughter. Marshy only gets alone time now when Zoey goes into her crate at night. Nap time Zoey stays with Marshy. He might get annoyed but I find it very cute. 

My favorite blog is Conversations with Stella https://bulldoggy.org/2017/01/18/why-am-i-peeing-in-the-rain-conversations-with-stella/ via @wordpressdotcom she writes a humorous blog post about talks with her bulldog. I recommend it highly if you’d like to put a smile on your face.  Her post was the inspiration for my blog today because she always cheers me up when I read her conversations.

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