Jamie raw and uncut the sequel

Jamie raw and uncut the sequel

It’s still me. Hope everyone is having a beautiful day. I must say the first  day of my intention to lose weight had a caramel popcorn hiccup but we got through it, or finished that bag, but moving on. I got food shopping done so I’m ready to cook which you must do if you’re vegan. I stated to the universe my intention and now I ask the universe to have my back, guiding me to my goal. I said yesterday that I had 2 intentions and today I declare my second one.

I intend to make new friends!!!

I wrote a blog about rewriting my story, https://multipleexperiences.org/2017/05/13/rewriting-a-story-i-believed-for-most-of-my-life/.  This post had everything to do with this intention.

I made the decision to not date. I don’t want to be with and deal with the complications of a love interest in my life. That doesn’t mean I want to be alone. I don’t need a man to go out to dinner or a movie, I need a friend. My problem and this is the truth, I don’t have many friends. I have acquaintances but not many close friends. Some of this was my own fault. I did irreparable damage to friendships when I was with my last boyfriend. I unfortunately disappear in a relationship and lose sight of everyone else. It is an ugly pattern that has followed me in both relationships and even my crushes. I am now conscious of this and working on me and the reason I lose who I am in a relationship. However here I am 45 and I don’t have good girl friends, so that is my intention. I intend to meet new people and connect with people on a new level. I intend to find people that I can laugh with, cry with, share with and love with. I intend to open myself, to come out of my shell and to help and work on cultivating new relationships with new people. I intend to open my heart to the possibility of a different relationship then I ever longed for. I am letting go of the need for a man to “complete me” and looking instead for friends to enjoy life with me.

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