My daughter’s prom

My daughter’s prom

So, this is it, the beginning of the weekend. My baby girl graduating high school but it starts tonight with prom. Busy, busy, busy day today. Everything is showered, ok well I’m showered, the daughter is about to. We have a 12:00 appointment for hair and at 1:30 she is in the make up chair.  She needs to be at her boyfriend’s house by 2:30. From there they go to the pre-prom party which is 45 minutes away. Unfortunately the pre-prom arrangement were not made with any thought process by these kids or even the kids families. It is silly to drive 45 minutes away to come back again, in traffic, passing right where we all live. However, that was the plan and I’m not going to make things difficult. I will get my pictures at her boyfriend’s house and kiss her goodbye.  It’s not safe for me to drive that far with MS and spasms especially in traffic. Its unfortunate but it’s about her, not me. The pre-prom are the boyfriend’s friends, not hers, so I’m hoping everything goes well. She’ll be fine at the prom itself surrounded by her friends. I can’t believe we are here already. I’m not sure how to process it all. I’m excited to post pictures of her later today so stop back to check them out.

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